For years, you absolutely dreaded having to call the local HVAC contractor. Not once more can you stomach the lack of professionalism, ‘band-aid’ solutions, salesy tactics, or outrageous prices.

Let’s take a closer look at why you should fire your current HVAC contractor.

Lack of professionalism

Most HVAC repair experts are on a time crunch as they move from one project to the next. By no means, though, is a packed schedule an excuse to be rude. If the HVAC service you hired in the past barely gives you the time of day, it’s probably best to find a new one.

Professionalism is a key point of emphasis here at Allegiance Heating & Cooling. Family owned and operated, we are always committed to customer satisfaction. You can count on us to provide punctual service, meaning there’s no need to waste an entire day waiting on an HVAC technician.

We also go above and beyond to protect your home and property. The Allegiance technicians aren’t like the other guys who track in mud and dirty up your interior. We protect your furnishings and flooring with mats, tarps, and shoe booties.

As you probably know from experience, it’s rare for a home contractor to treat your property as if it were their own. It’s time to ditch your HVAC contractor for good if they always exhibit a lack of professionalism.

Band-aid solutions

When you hire a contractor to fix something in your home, you expect them to provide a long-term solution. Unfortunately, it’s common for many HVAC repair specialists to cut corners and settle for more short-term or ‘band-aid’ fixes.

Why pay multiple times for something that might solve a problem as opposed to paying once for a professional to actually get to the root of the issue? You can feel comfortable knowing that Allegiance is always willing to help with project follow-through and future installations. Not to mention, our team guarantees our work for the number of years you own your home.

You won’t find a similar guarantee from any other HVAC service in Mokena.

Salesy tactics

Your home is your haven. Not only is it where you relax with friends and family, but where you recharge your batteries. So when your heating or air conditioning doesn’t work accordingly, your first thought is to call a professional.

We hear stories every day about HVAC technicians whose focus is selling the most expensive equipment. At Allegiance, we never try to intimidate customers with nonsensical, high-pressure sales tactics. As a factory authorized Carrier dealer, we service all makes and models of HVAC systems, meaning we will do everything possible to fix your current equipment.

Outrageous prices

There comes a time when even the best HVAC systems must be replaced. If you’ve looked at new equipment of late, you know that it’s certainly an investment on your end. Still, why overpay for a system that a contractor marked up like crazy?

You can feel at ease knowing that Allegiance obtains industry-best pricing on all materials and equipment. We then pass those savings onto you, offering affordable pricing without sacrificing quality.

Allegiance Heating & Cooling has been Mokena’s trusted home comfort partner for years. Experience the difference of our HVAC team today.

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