As we look ahead to the new year, what needs to be done to improve the feel of your home or business? A ductless cooling and heating system could be the answer. Here are the five advantages of one, as explained by Mitsubishi Electric:

It provides flexibility – Many folks don’t have a solid grasp of how ductless systems work. While traditional heat and pups and central A/C systems forced air through ducts, ones that are ductless deliver air directly into different zones. Typically comprised of a small outdoor unity and multiple indoor units, ductless systems provide a cost-effective way to replace equipment. You can choose to have a ductless system installed as a home addition or if you just want to improve temperature control in a room.

It saves you money – Do utilities seem to cost an arm and a leg? Be aware that ductless systems operate on less power than what you’re currently using. Here’s how: Not only are ductless systems smaller than traditional forced-air ones, but the temperature-controlled air is delivered directly to a room. In turn, there’s no need to worry about the loss in efficiency. Homeowners who install ductless systems may also be eligible for certain tax credits or utility rebates. Simply put, this is an investment on your end.

It improves indoor air quality – Air ducts can be a hassle to manage. Even if you have the ducts cleaned on a regular basis, dust and allergens are left behind. Thanks to the multi-stage filtration of ductless systems, you can say goodbye to all that dust, bacteria, pollen, allergens, and other particulates that lessen indoor air quality.

It’s quick and easy to install – Multi-split ductless systems run on small pipes that require just a three-inch hole. You don’t have to worry about rebuilding walls or ceilings around ductwork. Homeowners and business owners also appreciate that there’s no loss of square footage. Some ductless systems can be up and running in as little as one day.

It saves the environment – Energy efficiency is a focal point of Allegiance Heating & Cooling. Whenever possible, we want to help customers remove their carbon footprint. Ductless cooling and heating do exactly that. Every ductless system follows ENERGY STAR guidelines, which means more money goes back into your pocket.

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With overnight lows dipping into the teens and single digits, you currently rely on your HVAC system more than any other time of the year. Now is the time to hire Allegiance for HVAC repair or general HVAC maintenance. Our HVAC contractors have been serving Mokena and surrounding areas for nearly two decades. Family owned and operated, we pay attention to the little things such as arriving on time and respecting your property. Allegiance even offers HVAC service because we know there’s never a convenient time for a breakdown.\

From generator repair and boiler service to fireplace repair and everything else in between, you can trust Allegiance to get the job done right. Call now to ask about ductless heating and cooling in your home or business.

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